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I am Nicole Silva, MAYO (@mayo.studios) is where all my medias meet.

Here you can see some of my most recent work.

Thank you for checking out my art and works.

Digital works

MAYO by Nicole silva


My first endeavor when I started MAYO was portraits as a way to challenge myself.

I quickly realised ‘realism’ was not my ‘cup of tea’ but I still enjoyed making these a lot.

They also thought me how to draw and create on Procreate which was completely new to me at the time.

Embroidery / Cross-stitch

During quarantine the needle and thread really started to interest me.

I then began creating small artworks and eventually sold a few on Etsy.

Selling my artwork gave me a new perspective into e-commerce and how to better engage the audience to obtain greater sales.

Overall, a very pleasant experience. Always a good feeling when you see a piece being shipped to the other side of the world.

Mental Health stories

MH Stories is a ‘soon-to-be’ charity based online that supports people with mental health issues by sharing real stories and bringing encouragement to those who need it.

I started volunteering last year as their graphic designer ambassador. Later on I also started to work for Kay, the founder, as her public relations assistant where I would manage the blog, Pinterest, Instagram comments and engage with hashtags and similar content.

This project has allowed me to experiment with Procreate and design techniques and I am always very proud to see my evolution.

These are some of the works that I am most proud of. The remaining can be found at @mh_stories_ on instagram.

MAYO studios by Nicole Silva

This personal project had its start in the beggining of 2019.

I like to learn very distinct things and know a little about everything. With MAYO I put all of those medias on one platform.

From quotes – a recent addition – to embroidery, cross-stitch, portraits, sculpture and even singing with my Ukelele. It has something for everyone.

This project has really allowed me to spread my wings and let my creativity go wherever it wants.


This is Gerald, a character you might recognise from ‘Finding Dori’.

Sculpted him out of Fimo (polymer clay) as an experiment and was really surprised with the result.

Since then, I have done polymer clay earrings and other small figurines.

These are also available at @mayo.studios.

Client briefs

Costa Coffee (Microsite)

For this mock bief we had to individually create an ideation of a microsite for a ‘limited edition valentine’s day coffee’.

My idea was to make it interactive by adding a mini-game with the chance of winning a topping for the beverage. Also, a voucher raffle in which the participant only had to name the valentine’s day drink and the best submissions would win a 50£ voucher to spend at Costa.

As Costa already has a few ‘reusable cup’ options and customers are becoming more inclined to purchase them, I thought of also creating a limited edition cup. When this one was given at the till by the time of purchase, it would also entitle the person to a free valentine’s day drink. This way the customer would get to keep a cup that is good for the environment and get to know the new drink.

Given that the new beverages at Costa are always well received by the public, by getting these promotions, more people could become regulars of this limited edition treat, generating more profits and providing a bigger turnback and leverage.

Tesco (Situation analysis)

Tesco had been handling with a crisis envolving expired chicken being re-packaged. On this mock brief, we had to release a mock article about the crisis and a solution.

It also envolved a few social media posts about the discontent and the possible comments on Tesco’s side. We were also said to make a PESTLE analysis to bring an internal and external view onto de subject (market analysis).

This PESTLE will later help all the factors on the campaign as it will be better suited for the situation at hand. It also allows to better understand the company and it’s industry.

Rolls-Royce (client pitch)

This was a real brief where we got to present to Rolls-Royce.

The client wanted to better integrate new people onto the company as well as implement activities so the new members would feel welcomed and acompained onto their new job.

After a PESTLE analysis on the company, we suggested a few activities. One of which is now implemented. The activity in discussion involves chocolate and learning a card trick.

If the participant would choose the chocolate, that indicates that it prefers short lived successes to learning a new trick that might follow them for life. This is a good indicator of what they want to achieve in their professional life, wanting to evolve and grow or stay in their role showing no initiative.

Although it has this philosophy behind it, it can be a fun activity that leaves the participants thinking of what they want to achieve in the future.

We received the highest grade for this client pitch.

Full of good (packaging)

This client project was brought in International Marketing week spent in Brussels working on packaging.

Our week stay in the EPHEC not only made me more culturally sound with Belgium but also allowed me to meat people from all around the world.

The challenge was to make a reusable package where 12 natural ‘Full of good’ drinks would remain fresh and tasty for at least 12 hours.

Our team’s idea was to make a branded box (made in Adobe Illustrator) with a reusable termal layer and crinkle paper to keep the freshness going for longer. When opened it would reveal a pamphlet (made in Adobe Indesign) that informed the consumer of the multiple products and its ingredients to add to the value of it being ‘bio and natural’.

“A creative solution to a healthy option”

The box was a success and the client will use some of the ideas in the near future.

Learn more about Full of good – http://www.fullofgood.be

CooperVision (Year campaign client pitch)

This real project was brough by CooperVision, the well-known contact lens brand.

According to our research, there was a lack of engagement with the brand and so, we needed to attract more people to the website with several online campaigns. 

“A well thought-out and researched campaign”

With the subscription to the newsletter, customers would receive a free eye check at ‘Specsavers’. Trained staff would then give as the option of the use of lenses and advice on how to take care of them and put them on.

The campaign had the #LoveYourEyes and #SeeWithoutThemKnowing to tie it all together and be easier to see the engagement.

We also created a few mock Instagram and Twitter posts featuring influencers that wear glasses and lenses. On this example we used Cristine (Simply Nailogical on Youtube) that has over seven million subscribers.

We have achieved the second highest marks for this campaign.

Solent Mind (Podcast, blog posts and social media posts)

After meeting with members of the charity several times, the podcast started to have some form.

With the additional information provided in this form and the call to action, in the end, it is considered the right move to a charity that is in search of awareness. 

“An engaging podcast for a good cause”

On the downloadable file is the articles and the mocked social media posts.

This project was really interesting as I had never done a podcast and got to work with a ZOOM and audacity. It was also the first team project taken at university and I was really proud of the outcome. The editing was insightful and an overall fun process.

Tea society (magazine, merch and event planning)

I wanted to share my love for tea at university so, I created my mock Tea society. This was my concept, from a magazine to a simple keychain. 

This project was created with Adobe InDesign and was one of my favourite briefs as I got a lot of creative freedom.

The magazine counts with an article and the logo and merch explanation. It was also one of my first creative projects.

It received the highest mark as it ticked every item on the evaluation brief and contained a lot of detail.