International Marketing Week

A unique week full of challenges.

A week in Belgium where the mission was to create innovative packaging for the company ‘Full of good’ with people from all over the world.

Crisis simulation day

A challenging crisis that develops throughout the day and needs to be managed in multi-skilled teams.

The crisis went around a cyber attack that was getting progressively worse in the course of 24 hours. To manage this situation our team divided itself to create a media relations group that would answer to students and staff on social media and the press when necessary, the other group would combine theory and previous case studies to manage the situation internally. The most challenging part of the exercise was the time scale as it was minimal.

E-campaign in a day 2019

A room full of creativity, talent and a challenging brief.

We were given a brief on cat-calling. From then we created ‘cats scratch back’ and started building the socials. We also wanted to address this issue with the creation of a petition.

We were the winning team of 2019!

Meet the professionals 2018

A dynamic environment where professionals and students come together to network and share experience and advice on the industry. 

On this event, I had the opportunity to record live for Facebook in an opportunity to engage students and professionals that didn’t have the chance to come. Also created and edited a video to promote the event to future students.

Meet the professionals 2019

In 2019, I got to organise the event with my colleague Felicity. From inviting the professionals, confirming attendance, arranging tables, meeting the professionals and directing them to their station.

The event was a success with over 30 professionals attending. The students also got valuable contacts and connections with the ones present.