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There were a few reasons to why I watched this movie. A quite simple one is that every Disney-Pixar movie is a masterpiece and also, I was bombarded with ads about it.

There was no way to forget watching it, everytime I would go on Instagram I would see the reviews other people had left and on Facebook, well, they really put a lot of money onto Facebook Ads.

I finally gave in, made a Disney Plus account, turned off my Amazon Prime and started watching it.

I believe it was due to Brexit that Amazon Prime only streams in the UK now, since I am in Portugal at the moment, without a warning, I am left without The Office, Grey’s anatomy and Mr.Robot. Hating Brexit already.

Anyhow, here’s the reason you came for.

Soul was absolutely beautiful. Screen-grabbing, breathtakingly beautiful. Pastel tones, use of 2D in the best way with a modern twist. Who knew 2D and 3D could look beautiful so masterful.

Pastel tones in this ‘new’ world. Credit: Disney-Pixar

The animation was made with so much talent. The ‘earth part’ animation sometimes could even take us to the street or the apartment, it was incredibly real with every light hitting on the objects in a surreal way.

If this wasn’t enough, the art sometimes also changes entirely so to better show the emotions out character is feeling.

Dramatic animation change. Credit: Disney-Pixar

Here’s where my review also dramatically changes.

Story wise I can’t applaud it as much. To remain spoiler-free, I’ll just say that the use of the cat was disappointing to me. Surely there could be a better way to achive the same. Just feels too seen in a movie that was bending animation for me.

The message behind this movie was also beautiful but I wish it had had more layers.

If me, an adult had to really look through every scene to find a message, I wonder how children took it. Maybe I just didn’t look enough, or it could have been portrayed in a better way.

However, I applaud Disney-Pixar for the representation of the black community. Also, jazz music always gets me. All the instruments feel as if they are talking to each other and gives me a sense of union and team.

Same thing can’t be said about the Portuguese adaptation. I want to leave politics aside but its become harder and harder to do that. The movie is a proud display of the black community and culture. For that, we need the voices to show and share that same community.

Portugal’s favourite sentence has been ‘Portugal is not racist’ which is highly concerning as it completely overrules people’s experience with racism and leaves no room for discussion.

Where Soul has over twenty black characters, the Portuguese interpretation has one. This has been known and shared and influencers have joined and created a petition so that another adaptation is made but with no luck so far.

Absolutely ludicrous.

sign the petition to bring the fair adaptation the portuguese black community deserves

Where is the soul if not in the representation of the community who gave us the pure essence of this movie?

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