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Lots of reviews have been happening on my blog, I know. I prefer to talk about what I’ve been watching than going on a loop about Covid and the second lockdown.

I have to be honest on this one. I watched ‘Emily in Paris’ because I was bored and gave in to the Netflix proposition. This has been happening quite a lot lately. It also seemed like a good candidate to an easy-going series.

It was nice.

I watched it in two days, the series is quite simple and cliché but it was still enjoyable.

I enjoyed the clichés of the romance and fashion in Paris. It was also nice to practice my French although I don’t remember what I learnt on the series.

It has French culture with a strong Hollywood scent. She was always flawless and couture like Hollywood likes to give us. The French were put as I see them. Not stating that everyone is the same but their culture is very much what was displayed.

I don’t really have that big of a basis for that opinion but half my family, including my mom, is French and I do see them as Sylvie and the crew was portrayed. Funningly enough my mom’s name is Sylvie too so it added a ‘je ne sais quoi’ for me.

Really nice to watch if you don’t want to think. We all have those days.

Also, I quite enjoy when the main character does everything I would like to do in her situation but wouldn’t because I’m too ‘shy’. She is fearless and iconic but she is also in a very planned world where everything always falls at her feet, something that doesn’t happen in real life.

She is quite young, skinny, with designer clothes that just a blouse costs double my rent or more. Would like to have seen something a little different than this ‘model’ that Hollywood always choses to go for.

Lily Collins (Emily) Credit: Netflix

Whatever it may be, it’s an enjoyable series that you can use as noise while crafting or to pay attention but not too much.

I have to say that on a PR professional perspective, this series is quite interesting as the campaigns she makes could be very real and I am sure they would be successful.

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