The haunting of Bly manor | View review

This has been a series that has been talked about a lot. From references to ‘perfectly splendid’ to the mention of the cast in reveral articles as it is the same as in ‘The haunting of Hill house’.

I haven’t watched the latest mentioned but I am in the process of doing so.

As for Bly manor, it consists of an horror series, followed by a dark past.

Credit: Netflix

The story is quite slow to develop, I believe that the last three episodes are the ones that truly bring the creeps and interest. Until then you have a nanny playing with kids and a detailed back story to the characters.

It is told in story form. Sometimes the narrator speaks but mostly it is a on going sketch.

Huge brown houses really scare me. If you follow me on Instagram you know that my grandmother has a big brown house with a corridor that absolutely gives me the creeps.

Credit: Netflix

This Bly manor is truly no exception. Many people also found the kids creepy but I really don’t agree with that. They seem ordinary with a big dash of trauma. Well, understandably so.

What mostly makes an horror series or movie is the ambiance. The music and the edit can really turn any sunday movie into a Friday the 13th.

The edit makes us feel what the characters portray. A specific moment I can remember is of the last few episodes were there was a huge confusion cloud over everyone and the editing really showed us that fog. The music I am not too sure. I don’t remember listening to anything that gave me the creeps or was used to increase tension.

This series was regular among my horror filmography watched. Nothing outstanding but the story was well-put together and I appreciated it.

I really despise when horror movies have a lot of jumpscares and tension but don’t deliver on the story – such is the example of ‘Annabelle’. This was not the case. Quite the contrary.

There was a lot of build-up and not a not of tension, solely the feeling that something was about to go ‘south’ anytime. However, waiting for that downfall for so long made me wish they would just get over with it.

It also contained a few Easter eggs such as ghosts and warbdrobe changes with deeper meanings. I managed to find a few of these eggs but none of them were ghosts.

Overall, it was all ‘perfectly’… okay.

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