Don’t f**k with cats: hunting an internet killer | View review

Have you watched ‘Marley and me’? Did you cry?

Our love for animals really hits us differently as they are such innocent creatures that deserve all the love and attention we give them.

This docu-series shows what we can do if we all work together and although tragic, it has a really important message.

‘Don’t f**k with cats’ is a docu-series released by Netflix in 2019. I have watched this one a long time ago but it really stuck with me as it is such a memorable story that puts a lot into perspective.

This is the story of a mysterious guy that kills a kitten on tape and publishes the video on YouTube. At least that’s how it all started.

From the first video published it created a web of online animal lovers that commented and shared on that video as it was highly disturbing. That’s how the Facebook group started with the intention of tracking down this guy and all they had was this terrifying video.

However, two of the members were the ones to put more hours into de project. Them being Deanna Thompson and John Green.

Deanna Thompson (left) and John Green (right) Credit: Netflix

I will not share more of the story but I have to say that it was very well explained and edited and there was no episode that I would have shortened or made differently.

This is a real story with a lot of twists and detective work made by someone like you and me. A Sherlock case acted by mundane people that worked together online to solve a disturbing case.

Credit: Netflix

It shows a deep message about taking matters into your own hands and how some things can’t be taken lightly and should be discussed and worried upon to get a resolution before it’s too late.

I highly recommend watching. It is a very ‘entertaining’ story that will keep you glued to the screen.

I think that if I say anything else I’ll give away details I shouldn’t so go on Netflix and put this series onto your list for it to be your next watch. And if you’ve already done that, comment your opinion bellow!

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