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Another bloody documentary Nicole? Damn right. This is what I watch on the daily.

This docu-series is about the trial of Michael Peterson for his wife that was found dead at the end of a staircase.

Image on the left shows Michael Peterson alone and on the right we can see Kathleen Peterson (Michael’s wife) and Peterson himself. Credit: Netflix

It went down on the 9th of December, 2001 when Peterson was by the pool relaxing after his wife had just left and when he came inside the house he was stunned to find her dead at the end of the staircase of their house.

The staircase. Credit: Netflix

I shall not give you the whole story as I believe you should watch it yourself.

The series has 13 episodes and I have to say that I took a few breaks from watching it. It came out in 2018 and I just finished it this week. Reason being that it becomes tedious.

The editing is very raw on this documentary which has its advantages and disadvantages. The upside is that you can truly see the most important issues and debates over the case and have most of the situational aspects of the murder and the findings but it also becomes discouranging to the viewing causing it to drop the series all together.

I really thought of letting it go if I’m truly honest. The last three episodes were specially frustrating. It just wasn’t giving me any content. It was all too raw. It felt as they didn’t want the series to end, as if they had been too attached to it.

I mean, the filming of this documentary started in 2001 and it went all the way to 2016. It was a really big commitment and I understand that the footage was just too much.

The story is missing links between clips. Taking away those phrases that sometimes would set out a new scene, there was nothing else to connect the dots.

Basically, I understood the story and it’s components but was bored in the process but I also believe that they wanted the viewer to determine whether he has done it or not. If this was the case then I guess that the raw aspect was needed.

David Rudolf, the lawyer on the case for Peterson standing up on trial. Credit: Netflix

This was a long-ass trial.

I think he didn’t do it but he is truly suspicious for his previous story of his other wife. I’m confused really.

Have you watched it? What is your personal veridict? Really interested to discuss other ideas.

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