Learning an ‘half-skill’

I consider an half-skill those hobbies or learnings that we take on but only scrape the top of it.

I love to learn new things and I definitely have a lot of half-skills.

One example I can give is with languages. I am fluent in English and Portuguese but I kind of know French and a tiny bit of Spanish and German. When I realized this I started learning French during lockdown but I guess I was more prone to learn when I was little.

Then you have those hobbies you think are interesting and get obsessed and leave for later.

It’s no secret that I have a lot of hobbies. But only a handful of things I can say that I am actually good at. That was why I created MAYO, to have a platform where I could share all those hobbies and half-skills (such as my polymer clay earrings).

But they don’t necessarily make me feel productive but rather distant. Instead of focusing on one skill my brain seems more interested in researching on how the other one works.

Is anyone like this?

I guess I should be happy with this. I know I am naturally better at, I just have to give it more focus and persue it further. Or maybe I will just try to know a little of everything and with time I’ll just know different things at a resonably skilled-level.

Really would like your opinion on this matter as this is something that I find myself thinking about quite often as it is very present in my life.

Have you found a craft that you are most inclined to follow or do you see similarities in my story?

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