Enola Holmes | View Review

No one seemed to want to watch this movie with me because everyone is sick of Sherlock Holmes versions. I get it.

I am an avid fan of detective movies and games. Sherlock BBC is one of my favourite series and Elementary is nice. Didn’t watch the movies though, I thought I would be terribly disappointed.

You still have a hint of Mycroft and Sherlock and even Lestrade but she is the hero.

Anyhow, I was not disappointed with this movie.

Enola, Millie Bobby Brown, is also the narrator as she talks directly to the camera and guides us through her plan to find Mother. It made it feel interactive just like my beloved detective games.

Absolutely adore the message of feminism as that is the big ‘issue’ on this movie.

It has humor, intrigue and loads of mystery. It takes unexpected turns which makes it super interesting to watch as well!

Music…I watched this movie yesterday and truly don’t remember. I guess it doesn’t have a memorable soundtrack but if I don’t remember it it means that it isn’t bad either right?

The cinematography was beautiful. Daring and different in a good way. The symbology was great, a great puzzle that only miss Enola would make work.

However, it lacked an ending in my view. I realise it has an ending but I just wish it would go on further – really trying not to give out any spoilers.

Also, spotted a ‘time’ mistake but nothing worth noting (I guess I just did).

I truly recommend watching this movie and let me know what you think if you have already watched it!

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