Everyday is Inktober day

Inktober is an online challenge in which you have to make a drawing a day according to the word given that day.

I’ve always chickened out from participating as I didn’t want to pressure myself to draw everyday just like I did with this blog with writing. It’s day 6 and so far so good. I actually think this is great because I get to draw things I never thought of drawing and my technique is improving!

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This will be a tiny blog post but all I wanted to say is that sometimes we need to pressure ourselves and be consistent to actually get something good out of what we are practicing.

Whether it is drawing or writing. Everything requires time and sacrifice.

It was when I realised this that I started seeing a bigger change onto my calligraphy. Things take time but you should also always push yourself.

I would do a quick squiggy line and think I would never get it right. It was when I decided to sketch and do things slow that I saw I could actually do it.

Maybe this is also a blog post about how guilty I feel for not writing here so often there was a time I had a routine and it was great but since then I have falling into other hobbies and I would always write on my journal but not here.

Consistency is what counts.

*Hears a car aggresively braking outside*

*Dog barks*

So while I was getting ready to post this a dog was ran over in front of my house. The guy in the car wasn’t bothered even the kid on the back seat looked like it was just another ‘normal day’. The dog was limping and they just continued their ride. I have the license plate not sure I can do something about it though. Tried to find the dog but I couldn’t find him. He is probably hidden somewhere.

People are truly animals.

Thank you for reading this mess.

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