Too much on my plate

You could even say I have a full banquet of projects and perspectives to handle.

I like to keep myself occupied and I get bored if I am not multitasking, if the task allows me to. However, I get drained quickly and make long pauses to make sure I am ready to be at it again.

After finishing my dissertation last year, the thought of writing a book wasn’t so daunting for me and I decided to start one. I already had a few sketches of a story and it sounded promising. I spent hours and hours on characters, plans, schedules and chapters. I bought a notebook just for it and I filled it with ideas and eureka’s and my story was starting to have shape.

Suddenly, I had another idea for a book in the middle of the night. I got so passionate about it that I put my notebook aside and started working on this one. I planned and planned and wrote and planned and I gradually started working less and less on it.

I got an iPad, as I needed it for my future studies, downloaded ‘Procreate’ and started doing little pieces of art.

Ended up being the graphic designer for a mental health ‘soon-to-be’ charity and create posts for it every month.

With quarantine I decided to pick up on my French. Long story short, I am looking at my French book but I really don’t feel like picking it up.

I experimented with embroidery and it went so well that I started doing it everyday. My friends kept telling me to open a shop and so I did. ‘Mayo Studios’ became a brand of handmade goodies. I still make stuff but I was in need of a break as my eyes started getting funky from looking at the needle so much.

Tried sculpture, felting, made some cross-stitch…

Still programming to make a cover on my Youtube channel soon (I used to publish there everyday).

Love blogging but it just got way too much from all the things I had to do while blogging.

I still write on the side as I find it the only way to relieve my anxiety.

Quite a fan of videogames and am starting to get more on it now as a stress-reliever.

I have planned and re-planned my future so many times that I confused myself.

Started making calligraphy last summer and was starting to get good at it. Went back to the UK and never touch it again until summer time again.

Trying to practice the Ukulele. The only instrument I feel hopeful in learning. Was really avid on it in my second year. Started again not so long ago.

Dietaty changes kicked my butt as I went from veggie to vegan and then vegan to raw and then vegan to veggie and now I don’t even know what to call it anymore.

All this in four years. Wow

No wonder my body is slowly getting back at me. I got tired from just imagining me doing all of these things.

I am however quite grateful that I am a person that likes doing alot of things and is interested in learning new skills, depending on what they are. Which also can be a bad thing as my mind gets bored when not doing anything, part of the reason why I am writing this blog post.

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