The secret garden | View review

It took me a while to actually write this review. I usually write it as soon as I watch the movie but this was aparently not the case.

Anyhow, as you’ve probably seen by my rating of 1⭐, I wasn’t the biggest fan. In reality, it was a mess.

I was super excited to watch this movie. Production wise I’ll take anything that has a connection to Harry Potter and this was the case. A secret garden? Like narnia? This was my first thought and I wasn’t all wrong.

The story is about this orfan girl that moves into her uncle’s house/mansion. She has strict rules all around but she decided to venture to the garden one day.

She later discovers this boy that until much later I had no idea who he was. Turns out he was the son of the maid. Fair.

Then, she sees her cousin, he is in a bed. Apparently, he had a disease that didn’t let him move so he had to be in bed rest all day and couldn’t venture outside.

She discovers the secret garden that her mom and aunt (that had also died) would hangout at.

Quickly goes tell the cousin but he doesn’t believe it.

They bring him to the garden in a wheelchair. That’s it.

I can’t give a good review to something that confused me so much.

With Narnia it’s easily understandable when they are in the fantasy world and when they are not.

Got in the closet? Narnia.

Got out? Real world.

In this movie… garden is garden. When is it magic. When is it not?

Beautiful cinematography but when the story lacks, there’s not a lot that can save a movie.

Didn’t understand that this was classified as a family movie when I wouldn’t put my imaginary kids watching this. It is a bit heavy for the petites.

I wouldn’t recommend it but I am curious to know if I was the only one that got confused so please do watch it and leave a comment.

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