See you all soon xx

Today a lot happened in the emotions department.

I resigned from my job. I had been there since November, on the year that I had graduated and was actively looking for a job in my area of study. After a month looking I got really demotivated and applied for retail jobs just to stay afloat financially.

They were my first interview. It was the day past my birthday.

I wasn’t very happy with the outcome as it wasn’t what I wanted but looking back, I don’t have a single regret. It obviously seemed like the end of the world at the time and I was very unhappy that no one gave me a chance in the creative world but everything happens for a reason.

The team was amazing from the start and made me feel like home and I honestly can say that I like everyone in the team. There’s no one I would take out or put aside. Not everything is perfect but we were pretty close.

I mean you could really see it by the store’s profits. We were all motivated and thriving, I mean, they still are.

From getting amazing selling skills to working in an environment of growth and niceness. This team really gave me all. It most of all believed in me when I most needed. When I was getting all those regretfull emails of jobs I wouldn’t get accepted for, they were there.

When I was getting a little fed up of customer service and decided to try out the stockroon they also supported me and changed the rota so I could feel happier and more fullfilled.

I remember being on the shop floor and having anxiety and panic attacks and still feel supported.

Covid came and I had no idea that that random day of the week would be my last. It was a quiet day filled with fear of the new pandemic.

Truth is I didn’t know what my reation would be once I said goodbye to everyone. Turns out that it was emotionally rough. So much so that I didn’t chit chat with anyone because I would start crying. I mean, the more I spoke with my manager, the more I wanted to get all mushy. It was time to go.

I never felt this way about a company. In my previous job I was there for two years and although I had a connection with a few people, most people weren’t interested in talking and making friends at work. I would simply sign in, clean and tidy and sign out. That’s why I knew I had a gem on my hands this time.

However, nothing is forever and I had to leave. It was time to say goodbye, not only to my job but to Southampton.

I don’t want to make you go crosseyed though, so I’ll make a post dedicated to Southampton soon. There’s too much to say, a lot to remember and a lot to forget too.

Anyways, everything aside I just wanted to say how grateful I am of this opportunity even if it didn’t feel like the right move at the time. I wouldn’t trade it for anything and it just came to prove once again that life has its way and it’s not always if ever, the way we want it.

Thank you.

‘Can I have a 12/5 in this shoe please?’ A classic for those that understand.

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