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I guess I called this blog ‘Random Chipmunk’ for a reason. Here I am reviewing a 2012 movie that wasn’t much talked about.

Well, I watched it yesterday as my friend said it was a nice ‘chill’ movie to watch and that was exactly what I needed.

*with trailer voice* Two CIA spies. One girl. They are family but that’s about to get compromised. Lies. Weird romance. Bugs in her apartment. A competition. Who’s gonna get the one and only Reese Witherspoon?

It’s truly that. Two ‘handsome’ guys to one ‘gorgeous’ girl. A ‘filler movie’ as I would call it.

You laugh, you chill, you wonder who she will choose. Nothing simpler.

Can’t really judge it on cinematography either. It shows you what needs to be shown. There’s explosions. No risks. Just telling a story.

Decent movie if you don’t have anything to do and are on the specific mood of ‘spy romance’.

I usually have so many things to say and discuss. Not on this one. That’s it. Thanks for reading.

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