Breaking down success

I am having quite a philosophical week in which topics like this one come to mind.

As I’ve seen that my blog post ‘Morals and ethics at work’ was appreciated, I wanted to start sharing more of my views on topics that are not easy to crack.

Philosophies are what they are. Theories to make us better understand the world. As human beings we are always trying to find a purpose, a way for it to make sense. Some find the solution to be simply not caring or questioning it. I am not a part of that ‘team’.

I question. I question a lot on a lot of things. Should even question more. I believe that if we don’t question what is given or imposed to us we are nothing but minions. Everything has an under layer.

This also makes me complicate simplicity but that’s a topic for another day.

I wanted to talk about ‘success’. Some hold success to happiness, others look more into it and say specifics such as money or the fulfilment of a dream.

Now I realised that I have no right of diving into this topic because I don’t even know myself what it is.

Recently I started seeing ‘happiness’ as the answer to every life question. Maybe that’s the answer to ‘success’ too.

If you are happy doesn’t that make you successful? When happiness is what you want from life, doesn’t that make it your goal? When achieved, doesn’t that make you successful?

The real talk is when we are talking about ‘societal success’, what I mean by this is what others perceive as success.

Imagine a girl that graduated in economics and she wasn’t able to find a job in her area of study so she went to what would give her stability. She lives in an apartment alone. It was a new city so she doesn’t have many friends but she loves the ones she has. She ended up being happy in what she is working and the team is great. She is happy.

On an outside view people could feel sorry for her because she is working in something she didn’t study for, she lives alone in a new city. However, she feels happy at that moment in time.

Happiness is always dragged by other people and seen differently by everyone.

In my humble opinion, happiness is success. Whether you, the outside view, perceive that as happiness or not.

It’s about the trip not the destination.

Why do we see success as the destination? We can see and have success in the miles we put in.

I even would be bold to say that there’s more success on the trip than on the destination.

On a personal note, I feel so accomplished from what I’ve done that even of I haven’t reached my destination, I am successful.

Are you successful? What is success to you? Would love to hear your opinion on this subject.

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