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A while back I reviewed the interactive movie ’Black mirror: Bandersnatch’. I had watched this movie because I was very curious about the interactive feature that Netflix started to advertise and decided to give it a chance.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t like it. The game wasn’t interesting enough and the story was confusing and endless.

During quarantine I decided to give the original series a chance and I actually liked what I was watching. The first story I saw was ’Nosedive’ and I found it super interesting and a reliable parallel universe story. I now also believe this episode to be the easiest to understand as the story is enticing but straightforward.

Frame taken from ’Nosedive’.

If you don’t know Black Mirror you are missing out just as I was. Every episode tells you a different story, kind of like a modern ’Twilight Zone’. It is said that they all belong to the same storyline but all episodes have different stories so you can mix and match seasons.

I started with the latest season to warm me up to the idea and worked my way up.

Every episode truly gets you hooked and for that hour it’s as if you belong to the TV. I sometimes see myself thinking about the episodes weeks after I watched them. I come up with new theories and underworld conspiracies.

It makes you question your present and future and your own existence.

The cinematography is beautiful and should be carefully studied by future cinema enthusiasts. The lighting and suspense, the screenwriting to the costumes and sets. Everything tells a story and sets a time and every episode is truly remarkable.

I hear people saying all the time ’No one makes movies like the old times, all the stories are the same now, there’s nothing new’. I am a huge fan of classics but this series is fresh, new, unique.

I thought only documentaries made you think as they constitute the truth, never thought the ’cinematic what ifs’ would ever make me question myself and society too.

If you haven’t seen it I truly recommend it. And if you have an opinion about it, leave it down bellow. I always love to read your comments and share impressions.

Thank you for reading.

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