The kissing booth 1&2 | View Review

Damn. Never thought I would be one to be reviewing a teen romance movie but here I am.

I watched them with 3 days apart, as the second one came out yesterday. Both at 3 am when I was bored out of my mind.

I love these kinds of movies for a night where I just want to watch something and not have to think much, and although most are a cringe-fest, I can’t deny that they make me smile.

The kissing booth was great. Both of them with a simple and defined storyline that made me interested for the little quirks and ’rules’ between characters. You can see right from the beginning that it isn’t a unique story but it does what you expect it to do.

It’s cringy, funny, quirky, cringy and uplifting. The double cringe coming from the part that I react weirdly to romance but I would have to say that in this case it is a bit universal.

I am also happy to report that it isn’t as predictable as expected (nice wording Nicole) which is a great plus.

The story, without spoilers, is about two best friends that were put together by fate, tied for life so to say, and when they were five they created a set of rules. Those rules keep getting challenged through the first and second movie.

What challenges the rules? Well I am sure you know it. Teen romance!

On another note, this movie is interesting in terms of choices and paths. I am an incredibly indecisive person and when I try to see myself in Elle’s shoes I definitely felt her pain.

In summary, it is a movie for those who are in terrible boredom or just enjoy teen movies. It is a great one at that.

Joel Courtney (left) and Joey King (right)

I rather got the impression that Joey King (Elle) and Joel Courtney (Lee) actually had a blast filming which made their role more believable. However,Jacob Elordi (Noah Flynn) and Joey King…not so much. Even on the bloopers, Jacob Elordi seemed focused in solely doing his job.

Finally, I just wanted to praise Joey King for her commitment and smile. She comes across very genuine and kind and after watching ’The Act’ she is nothing but a great actress. Crazy to even put both side by side, it truly reflects on how much of a chameleon Joey is. Also, ’The Act’, that’s a true five out of five. Missed the review but now, having watched it in two years makes me miss certain important points. It wouldn’t make it justice.

Hope this helped you choose your next watch and thank you for reading my part.

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