I have an official website

I have my official space on the web. I feel like I just bought a piece of land on the internet and am making it my own. In reality it’s as if I had bought a drop of the ocean.

Well, I’ll make this ‘drop’ awesome!

I started randomcipmunkblog.wordpress.com because my lecturers at university recommended us to. As I already liked writing I started wondering if this ‘having a blog’ thing was actually a good idea.

I started writting here just for fun. I wouldn’t write about personal matters or feelings as I sometimes do now. However, it began to almost be addictive. There were a few months where I would even write everyday.

I still remember those busy uni days where I would write a blog post on the way home or when I stopped at a Burger King, got a drink, sat down and would write and refill.

My life really changed after I went to England. Now it’s changing again, but at least I have this constant ‘drop’ on the internet.

Hope you’ve been enjoying reading my stories and thoughts for almost four years! There’s many more to come and all the support I’ve been getting about my writting has meant everything to me and so, I wanted to thank you!

I also would like to write about other topics and if you have any suggestion it would be great if you would leave a comment bellow. I’ll get back to you soon! I’m always around anyways 🙂

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