2020, the ‘health year’

You may remember a blog post made back in 2019 about turning vegan.

In 2019 my health was not in a bad state and so, I decided to change my diet and become vegan which was somwthing that I had been trying for a while.

I started with simple but significant changes such as removing cheese from my diet. This was huge for me as I am a huge cheese lover. By the end, the only animal-sourced product I ate were eggs.

This was in November. In December I started to feel fatigue and some days I would feel really lightheaded. I didn’t put two and two together and thought it was just the stress of starting a new job. Gradually I became worse. I was so happy to pull through and help reduce animal cruelty that I didn’t want to admit that my body migth have not been happy with the dietary changes.

In February, I decided to go back to being veggie after an episode at work. I had my breakfast and made my way to work. Only five minutes after being on the shop floor I started to get very fainty and pale. My muscles were aching and I was struggling to keep a smile on my face. After only serving two customers I asked to leave.

I immediately put on my pijamas and tried to sleep. My body had had enough, my immune system was weak and I was on my period which made me weaker. I was a wreck.

Since then I have been feeling better but I still have health problems from time to time.

I have no idea of when I am in the need of water. My kidneys seem to let me forget and only remember me when it’s too late. The consequence is a very dehydrated Nicole. When I am at work I know when I need it but being at home, I never drink water.

Anxiety has also been kicking my butt this year. I haven’t had it for at least a year and it decided to make it’s debut in 2020, how symbolic.

Working out has always been a challenge to me because somedays it feels great and others I get fainty. I take it slow and try to eat well before and after but my body seems to give up on me sometimes.

I don’t have a day where I feel pain-free and this is really working me up.

I guess the story here is, DRINK water, make gradual changes to your diet and change immediately if you see not fit and…well…I’ll always have ‘Miss Anxiety’ with me, that I can’t change.

Now I don’t even consider myself veggie. I am what works for me but I try my best to be veggie at least 85% of the times. Outside of that I sometimes but rarely eat chicken and tuna. I don’t want to feel guilty if the truth is that for now, I feel better this way.

Take better care of yourself.

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