What a ride, literally.

As you may have read in yesterday’s blog post, this is part of the trip I took to Portugal two-weeks ago in Covid-19 times.

I decided to make this story seperately as it has another message and because my other post was getting quite big. So, let’s get right to it.


I took the train to Manchester and left in Eastleigh, I believe, so I would change trains. As I am waiting for my train to London, I notice someone intensely looking at me. He was looking in the corner of a building. He would sometimes step back but he always came back to check if I was in the same place.


I started to strategize a plan.

I went around the building but I felt even less safe there. Then, I decided to return to where I was and hope for the best as in a minute my train was arriving. My train arrived and I saw him going in. He stayed in the entrance looking outside to where I was going.

I went inside and travelled to the one near first class. A guy was in first class.

I started thinking of everything I had with me. All my electronics and notebooks that I love and cherish. I was always looking at the door in front of me with my shaky legs.

I told the guy in first class that I thought I was being followed and to keep an eye for me because I was scared. He told me to fo to first class if I felt safer and that he would keep an eye.

I started feeling much better but scared with the fact that I could put this nice guy in danger if ‘my stalker’ was ever to come.

I have to say that that was an hour I am never going to forget. We got to London and I thanked the random kind stranger. He said that I wasn’t the first to go through that, more people have said the same to him. He looked like he comuted to London everyday so I can’t imagine the amount of times he has been through this.

He started asking me where I was going. ‘Portugal, my home’ I said.

‘Have to go to the underground to go to Stansted, wish me luck’.

‘I’m sure you will be okay there, do you know where to get the tube?’

He was super nice and showed me where it was. I thanked him once again and I continued my trip.

I was always looking back when going through the maze that is the tube. I didn’t feel relaxed until I reached the airport.


  • Don’t wear a lot of clothing when travelling that will get in the way such as big jackets – unless it is cold and you’ll never take it off.
  • Try not to have your technology in plain sight. I always have my Apple Watch on my wrist and in this case I also had my phone in a pouch in my neck. I think this made me a target.
  • I also was wearing my limited edition Skechers that are 120£ (I didn’t pay that but a thief doesn’t know) and they look very boujee. I could already imagining him taking my shoes like the guy from ‘light up light up skechers.
The thief coming to steal my shoes.
  • Be mindful of everyone around you. Can’t even imagine what could have happened if I hadn’t spotted him lurking.
  • Continue to ‘appear calm’ and uninterested but start buildind a plan in your mind.
  • Try to make an aly that you think you can trust. If you don’t have anyone around you, maybe try to call a friend to keep you company over the phone.
  • Be near your belongings, don’t leave them unattended ever.

I am not saying you can’t wear what you what but be mindful that, in times like this that there isn’t a lot of people on the street let alone a train station, people might take advantage of that.

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