So, what next?

This is the question I have been asking myself for months now.

Three years ago I had a goal of going to the UK and graduating in PR and communications. After achieving that I thought…what now?

I decided to stay one more year to get some experience in my area. I ended up not full filling that goal. However, now is not a time to look back in regret, it’s a time to see what I can be looking forward to in the future.

So… what now?

Masters? Moving cities? Moving country? Stay put? Truth is, I have no idea.

Deadlines keep creeping in and so is the adrenaline for more adventure .

At first I was scared to move cities, and still am but, if I was strong enough to move to the UK when I was 18, why not move away, even yet to another country, at 22?

My insecurities and anxieties watch me in the corner to attack me later when I am the weakest.

I start thinking of my family and friends and how I will, once more, be away from everyone, making it ‘on my own’.

However, I think the strongest tool I have acquired during these 4 years in England was not how to make a structured SWOT analysis or PESTLE (‘pestéle’ like my teacher would pronounce it) but how to be confident in myself and my decisions.

So, here I am, trying not to doubt my gut and fighting though my fears in hope it will all work out.

What was once scary and seemed impossible, even to my family’s eyes, is now in my hands – my diploma and experience!

I have doubted myself so much this year and there were situations where I was right and where I was wrong. We don’t always have the answers but positivism sure goes a long way. I have seemed to had chucked it at a corner and forgotten about it but not anymore.

For anyone that relates to my dilemma, try to believe in yourself more. Everyone has talent but everyone has a different one. Even if things are not looking up to you this year or even the next year, keep it as a goal to change and make things come true whenever possible.

I didn’t get the agency job I was looking for this year but that doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen.

So, what now? I have no idea, but I’ll figure it out.

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