How I lockdown

This topic was bound to come up soon. Here it is.

I am a girl with many hobbies and this really was helpful this past month.

No one wanted to believe that we would go into this situation but I knew that we were slowly escalating into something big. The week before lockdown I decided to take my precautions and go to a DIY store where I got my materials.

I would recommend getting in touch with old hobbies and passions. Make a list of materials and go to Amazon. They usually take about a week to arrive so plan ahead.

Will do a review on the materials I got from Amazon if you so wish!

I have also been playing ‘Animal crossing: new horizons’ on Nintendo Switch which has been consuming my life.

In the beginning, I thought that writing a list for every day and committing to a routine would be essential but the truth is that I went off that list after just a week. Commitment really does get another meaning with me.

I am currently catching tarantulas on Nintendo Switch until 2am and waking up at lunchtime. Not the ideal. I have always been a night owl but I had recently gotten into a really good routine that was keeping my tiredness away.

I also got into calligraphy and sculpture which will be shared on MAYO studios.

I almost forgot about my adventure to the French language! Been studying French every day on DuoLingo and a few more mediums. Half of my family is French and I have always wanted to have a normal conversation with them. I can understand everything but I can’t speak or write. Well now is the time to fix this because I literally have all the time I need.

Did branding and promotion for MAYO studios as I have created a Facebook and been making more content to share later on.

Made posts for MH Stories, although they have been taking me longer to finish which is making me frustrating. Especially when my Apple Pencil quit on me.

Completed two puzzles of 500 pieces and one of 1000 pieces.

Overall, I could be more productive but it is what it is.

Hope this blog post gave you inspiration. This too shall pass but until then I’ll continue with my french.

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