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I have been told that I only review movies that I enjoyed watching. Here’s Dolittle, a movie your kids will like but you will fall asleep to.

Allegedly, Robert Downey jr. took this role as he wanted to make a movie for his young daughters. We can clearly see this is the case from the minute the movie starts.

You may have watched other versions Dr.Dolittle, the crazy guy that talks with animals but this one is quite different. They didn’t decide to make more of a comedic effect with this one and the style of the movie is significantly different.

Honestly, having watched all versions, this movie doesn’t make Eddie Murphy’s Dolittle justice. There’s just no comparison.

The story, even though it has the same basis as the other movies, fell flat. One quirk, one mission, great we have done it and now we are all friends.

Maybe I feel this way because I’m not a fan of movie where animals talk (except Lady and the Tramp’s live-action, it was pretty well-done though).

Cinematography is… regular. Nothing to point-out really. I wouldn’t watch this movie in the cinema as I think it was made for a casual Sunday with the kids.

Watch it at your own risk…

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