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Well, this review was expected. Last week I went to watch this movie called ‘1917’ that probably most of you have heard of.

I went to watch it due to its awards and clamour from the critics in all of the media. It was called revolutionary and ‘the best war movie yet’. How can you not get curious when a movie has that introduction?

I always try to low my expectations but due to the reasons stated above, that was not possible. I was way too excited.

It delivered.

If you are new to this movie, it’s a war movie filmed in ‘one-shot’. The story follows two soldiers from the British army that have to deliver a message about the Germans to another battalion.

This method of having a continuous follow of the characters ‘without cuts’ I found to be a quite genius move. I felt part of this duo. I felt every struggle. I was with them. The story was very linear but intriguing, very frustrating but amazing can’t-get-my-eyes-of-the-screen suspense.

The story starts in a meadow with our Two heroes.


From then on, the camera follows them through the trenches ending up in the captain’s layer. As the story follows, we get to know their story ‘back home’ and ‘before the war’ and are brought to several ‘eye closing’ moments.



There are parts of beautiful sentiment and easter eggs for all the family +16. It all falls into place in an organic way that only feels natural.

We ended up playing a game of ‘find the cut’. We soon realized that most cuts were made when the military would go into a hole or a place with low light. It was also done when they weren’t in the picture and the camera was showing the scenery around them. Very well made cuts that still don’t invalidate the long monologues the actors had to do. Can’t imagine how it would be if something would go wrong at the end of a very long journey, they would have to literally walk miles!


This was one of the last scenes. He had no time, he had to put his life in danger. I won’t explain it further so I don’t give away more of the movie but this was the most heartfelt part of the movie where I held my breath for my hero that was going against the machinery.


And so, the story ends as it began, in a meadow under a tree once again, but so much has happened.

So, as you may imagine, I recommend having a watch.

This is a must-watch in the cinema but try to make yourself comfortable at home, maybe even build a fort, and watch it safely. A lot has happened since I wrote the last blog post and no risks may be taken at this point.

Stay safe everyone.


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