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There were years I would care for The Oscars and stay up until 5am on a school night to see movies I didn’t even know about getting awards. This was not one of those years but as a film enthusiast, you bet it was the first thing I checked the next morning.

Among several awards, I was surprised to see a non-English movie win so many academy awards. ‘1917’ was another one of those movies that made me jump to the cinema really quick but that review will have to wait. Honestly, I am very fond of the idea of filming in ‘one take’ and I really want to see how it turned out. Although it wasn’t an innovative new way of filmmaking, due to the nature of the movie, it is always interesting to see the said to be ‘seamless cuts’ in a war environment.


‘Parasite’ was definitely on my watch list.

I went to the good cinema in my city with the full works to make me cosy and settled in. The trailer didn’t say much to me but that’s just the way I like it. I have been noticing that lately trailers instead of making us excited about watching the movie, they’ve gone into a ‘bad marketing strategy’ of explaining the movie in three minutes. In retrospect, the trailer gave me joy, the unexpected and the hibbie jibbies in just two minutes.

Without giving me any spoilers, that was the same sentiment I got from the movie. The first few minutes are of tension as the directors want to give us a raw idea of the living conditions of the family we were about to adopt.

These ‘parasites’ are smart and are on the way of joy and success.


A phrase that I think would best resume this movie ‘difficult times result in difficult measures’. I think the reason for its big success is the factor of novelty. The film industry is growing rapidly as SFX is more evolved than ever but the stories seem repetitive. With so many reboots and fantasies always about the same mythological beings it all comes out as a blur.

Parasite sets apart. Amazing plot, great twists and suspense that is not easy to make feel.

If you are looking for new emotions and something new that will make you think, do have a watch.

I often think that award-winning movies sometimes are overrated but this is definitely not one of those. If anything, it should be celebrated more.


Also, if you have watched it…in the end, did that even happen or was it all just a chit chat about what should’ve happened?

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