Going out

This was naturally never intended to be a ‘social experiment’ but I guess that if I am talking about it then, it kinda became one.

I started going out on my third year of uni. For many this may come as a shock but I was never a kid/teenager that enjoyed going out and that’s why I never went out before. I would go to the cinema, dinner, bowling but never really going to a disco and/or getting drunk.

In high school, I would see other people telling their drunk stories and all about that time they got themselves in stupid situations. However, I never really felt intrigued by the stories to make some of my own.

If you asked Nicole from first year about why she doesn’t go to a disco, she would have said she prefers the pub because when she hangouts she likes to hear the people she is talking to. I understand her. I really do.

Since then I have understood how ‘going out’ can be whatever you make it.

If you want to drink, then you do that. If you want to talk, you go outside and talk (although you are going to be talking with drunk goofs that took over your friends).

It’s a way to know your friends better.

It’s a way of letting everyone know what you can’t tell when you are not drunk. I usually tell people I like them and talk about things I wouldn’t if I wasn’t under some alcohol.

However, going out is all about friendship. I really like it but only if I am with the best company. I know they will be on the lookout for me and I will be that for them too. No one wants to be a mother/father to a friend but it’s about being there if needed.

Small or big, your group has to be of people you respect and want to have fun with. That’s the only requirement.

Give yourself some room to try new things even if they scare you at first but make sure that first you can put together a team of people that will help you.

It’s okay if you end up not liking it, we are not all the same. Consuming alcohol or even just being around it can be difficult for many and know that you do not need to feel the need to try to like it in that case. You do you.

I went along with it and ended up enjoying it. This is my experience.

Some of the most hilarious nights I have had a little help from alcohol. It has made me a less shy and worried about what other people think. I can even say that the drunk Nicole has even made the sober Nicole more controlled and responsible.

Also, if someone buys you a drink then you should buy one back. That’s just etiquette.





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