MAYO studios by Nicole Silva

Welcome to my studio!

I created MAYO at the beginning of last year to share my art. It remained an Instagram-based project but this month I took it a bit further.

MAYO is where all of my media meet.


So far I have shared my evolution on portraits but I have been creating so many other things.

You can expect quotes done for @mh_stories_, calligraphy, cross-stitch, embroidery, sculpture and whatever else I decide to experiment with.

MH stories have been a huge part of it as the first ‘client’ to this project. I am a graphic design ambassador to this charity and so, all of the creative material was done by MAYO studios. How cool is that?

An example of the work done for MH Stories.

I am very grateful for the work I have been doing over the years with uni and MH Stories and so, I would like to share it further.

From now, all I can say is that you shall see all that MAYO stands for on Instagram and Facebook.

On a more personal side, I have graduated in July and MAYO is one of the projects I hope to always have by my side. Especially as I am not yet integrated into a role in my area of study.

I am currently on Etsy selling a few pieces (cross-stitch and embroidery) and it would mean a lot if you could check the website and support me.


I am very excited and hope you are too.

Follow MAYO’s journey!
@mayo.studios on Instagram
@mayo.studiosuk on Facebook

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