Crying is not just salty tears

Don’t you sometimes think that you need a good cry? I do.

I really hate to cry in front of other people but when I need a good cry and I’m alone…it’s great.

Feeling sad is normal so the consequence should be normalized too.

Others feel as crying is a gateway to opening to unwanted feelings. I get this. Sometimes you cry because of one worry and the others start queueing up. I see this as a good thing though. For me, it’s a way of letting things go. Sometimes you have been pilling up things and it’s good to just let them flow down your face. 

I feel as if crying is such a taboo. It’s becoming more normalized but it still holds a place of guilt and embarrassment for so many. 

Crying is a way of freeing yourself from unwanted thoughts and it’s a great tool for a healthy mind. We are emotional beings, we feel so let it be felt.

I feel as if the reason why I very rarely cry in front of other people was because of the shame and guilt others made me feel when I did it. They would say my reasons are not good enough to cry (which made me cry even more because I wasn’t being understood).

Don’t give them the power to other people to say what is a good enough reason to cry or not. Don’t let them bring you down even more.

Don’t surround yourself with toxic people that only try to understand their truth and not yours. Find people that listen and try to understand. The best ones are even those that don’t understand but respect – then, you found gold.




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