Never buy an umbrella on a rainy day

This quote came to me as it was pouring rain outside and I didn’t have an umbrella.

I went inside Primark to find one but there was no luck. Everyone was buying them so they sold out.

Then I started thinking that because yesterday it wasn’t raining no one would buy the umbrellas (me included), and because today it was pouring everyone was crazy about them. I took two lessons out of this.

Firstly, to be prepared because you never know. I was never a big fan of umbrellas because they break very easily and they are more of a hassle if there’s wind. Due to this I never had one on the side in the case I’m not wearing a waterproof jacket. Big mistake.

giphy (3).gif

You should always have an umbrella. Even if you don’t care for them.

I also saw how much the business can change from one day to the other. To be fair, Saturdays are usually very busy but this was was specially messy.

This also applies to other things such as winter gloves, scarves and others. I remember when I worked at TKmaxx and we had just received this shipment of winter gloves, scarves and winter hats. They would be purchased occasionally but they were still a lot of then. Then the snow came.

‘Where do you have your winter gloves?’ ‘They run out, sorry!’

‘Winter hats?’ ‘The snow took them all. Apologies.’

Will definitely have a second thought every time I go past an umbrella next time. Raining or not I shall buy it.

We have to start predicting the markets to hit it earlier and not get stuck in queues with the rest of the people that didn’t think things through in time or just forgot them at home.

Weird how I overthink everything that happens to me. Also nice that that happens as I tend to think about it to learn from the situation.

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