Getting my ears pierced at 22

This week I got my ears pierced which is surprising to some, including myself.

Usually people get their ears pierced by their parents when they are only months old but my parents decided not to go down on that route.

My dad says that he sees this act as a ‘mutilation’ and so, it should be my choice if I would want to have them pierced.

A mix of fear and indifference made me postpone this until I actually got a pair of earrings that were very cute for my birthday. I usually would put the earrings on adaptors but these were so precious and small that I decided to take the long awaited step of piercing my ears.

I now will have the most basic pair of earrings for six weeks until I can wear the cute ones.

The experience was also quite something. I was super scared of the idea of having a machine trespassing my ear lobe.

How would that feel? I really could not even imagine.

My friend and I went into the mall and looked around to see which store would be ideal for piercing. I knew I didn’t want it done at Claire’s. I imagine it being a place for kids where piercing accidents happen. Not that I’ve heard that that has ever happened but it’s an irracional notion I have.

We chose a jewellery shop that seemed trustworthy and I started having second thoughts. My friend started going in the shop and I started walking away. Then, she realised and started mocking me.

I got in and the assistant manager started explaining to me the different types of temporary earrings that exist. I chose the titanium as he said they were lighter.

Moment of the truth.

He did two dots. One in each ear, they looked symmetrical so I was happy with it. He started loading the machine and then put it in place where it would meet the dot drawn previously.

It was the weirdest feeling. It didn’t hurt but I did feel it going through my lobe.

Then, it was done. Something I had been afraid of doing was done in two minutes. Wow.

I have two tattoos to which I basically had to have a needle piercing me many times so I really don’t know why I was so worried about this.

Really would like to know your opinion on piercing the ears of babies? Do you think this to be a relevant matter to have in mind?

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