I started a new job

I graduated this July and had to quit my job as I wanted to see my family in Portugal.

When I came back almost two months ago I had to find another job. I ideally wanted something in my area of study but I saw that retail could also be beneficial in these early stages of getting out there in the working world.

I have worked in retail for the past three years but this time it is different. I was fortunate enough to be accepted in a company that really values employees. Since the interview that they asked me what I was meaning to achieve and what I wanted to get better at. In this case, I really would like to get better at sales as they are a usual requirement for the PR and advertising world.

I believe I have lost many chances because of my lack of experience in sales and so I decided to give this job a chance. It is commission-based which means that we work we KPIs. It’s all about performance in this case. The more I work and sell, the more I earn at the end of the month.

This is a great booster for all employees as we are running around like maniacs trying to sell as much as we can whilst providing the best customer service possible.

The team has been great to work with and even though it is not in PR or advertising I am still grateful to have this opportunity.

Today was my second shift and I have already grown so much. From recommending products that customers didn’t even notice and making more profit to knowing all the promotions in-store giving the customer and the shop profit a smile.

All of this to say that you can take whatever path you want to take. You should never feel guilty for not working on your area of study. Take as many detours as you find fit because, in the end, you can always change.

I still want to do PR and advertising but I know that this detour will even help me get there even if it’s not in the same area. You can get the same set of skills from completely different job descriptions. Never think less of a job.

At the same time, your time is valuable. If the company doesn’t see it that way then be confident to change.

Your future is whatever you make it.


2 thoughts on “I started a new job

  1. Well donne …you make pr and advertising as you study .Good for your skills and growth .This kind of knowledge will help you in your life 👍


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