A little confused but in a good way

I have told you about my excitement in the new book I was writing but something got in the way.

Not only did I have a writer’s block but I also lost excitement in the story. It was good for an initial draft but the more I constructed it the more I would see that it was not the best of stories. I don’t want to quit it but I feel as if it can’t be my first book.

Then I had another idea that was perfect. Things flow with this idea.

Quite a philosophical but really interesting and fresh perspective. It has a real opportunity of being something of importance. I can’t wait to see where it leads me.

Wish me luck! I will tell you more about it once I actually start writing instead of planning for ages as I did with the last book.


I don’t suppose this means that it will be ‘easy peasy’ but I hope I enjoy the process. That’s all I ask for.

This new book has a story in the background but that’s not the main story/focus and I hope that to be of help when building the story/concept.

However, my worries about it is that it’s usually a genre that people don’t really pick up at stores for a casual read. I believe this to have more of a target audience as it is philosophical. You could also call it a satire on our world but that is not my primary focus. I’m just trying to play with it a little and see where it goes.

Hope you are as excited as I am. Really would appreciate all the support on this as I can get so that the process can be fun!

I am not writing the book with any other idea in mind but to just express myself and have fun so if you could support me throughout that would be amazing.

Have any questions or would like to give me a little push? (I need those sometimes) Then post a comment below! I am usually around so I’ll answer you right away.

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