I have misophonia

I am currently on holidays and I almost forgot I was planning to write here everyday. As I was thinking of a theme, my mom came up to me eating a cheese sandwich and I felt the need to flee. ‘That’s it, that’s the theme!’

I have misophonia. It’s self-diagnosed because I never thought it was that ‘big of a deal’ to go to the doctors but it does hurt occasionally.

Misophonia means ‘hatred of sound’. It will depend on everyone which sounds get on your nerves but in my case it’s the sound of chewing and breathing loudly. Kids screamig and repetitive sounds also annoy me but these are more common.

You might feel frustrated when you hear a screaming child but I get angry and restless. I know that the people that do these sounds are just living their lives and they aren’t doing anything wrong. That’s the reason to why I never say anything if I don’t know the people.

However, if it’s my parents or friends I have to leave and go to my bedroom or just to a room where I can’t hear the sound.

Please understand that I don’t do this on purpose. That’s the reason I am writing this, to bring awareness. We misophonics (just made that up but it makes sense), love you even though you chew with a lot of saliva, are a deep breather or have a repetitive tic.

Please don’t be mad at us because we feel bad as it is.

You shall continue but I can only talk with you once you finish eating. That’s just the way it is.

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