One of my pet peeves

You may think this is rather childish but that’s just what it is. I actually don’t think it is childish but actually about respect.

I didn’t know what to call it but I see a pet peeve as a frustration so I guess that’s appropriate.

I find it very annoying for people to shush me.

This is something that has been following me through my whole life and it is no joke when I call it a ‘frustration’. It’s something that might seem minimal but can be so powerful. Hear me out…

Talking is the best communication method we have. It’s that way that we express everything we feel ready to say. It’s how we say everything as mundane as it might be.

As I am expressing my feelings or views about something, I want to be heard. I may not be understood but I want to be given the opportunity to be listened to. And even if you don’t understand I am more than available to explain what I meant.


Why? Is there something else you want to save your hearing for? I understand. We can talk later but use your words to tell me that and not some weird ‘shhh’ while not even looking at me.

It makes me feel not worthy of your time.

I make sure to tell my friends of this pet peeve when I find appropriate and I haven’t felt this in years but I guess I am saying this as your friend.

Even if you don’t get annoyed by it…how is it okay not to listen?

We, as humans, haven’t been listening enough to each other and the planet. Look where that has gotten us.

Let’s not shut people off because it is easier to deal the problem that way. Let’s listen and answer. Let’s communicate and understand each other.

I understand. You are not having a good day and you don’t want to talk. Tell me ‘sorry, not today’.

I understand. You don’t have time right now. Tell me ‘Not today, can we speak tomorrow?’

I understand. You want to listen to the news. Tell me ‘hold on that thought’.

Lastly, I haven’t experienced this in a while but i just wated to leave my thoughts here anyways. Think before you shush someone I guess that’s the lesson.

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