Why you shouldn’t settle with bad news

I have come to think that people don’t usually know the consequencs of their actions. We spend our whole lives interacting with each other and we don’t realise the true impact that we have on each other’s lives and the environment.

Some can’t be bothered with helping others and some only care about others.

Some smile, others frown and do you believe in the impact that has?

Some say that it will never affect me so I can’t be bothered and others face the problem and try to fix it as much as they can.

Others don’t want to learn.

Others prefer to take care of it once the problem knocks on their doors.

This is all a choice.

This can be applied to a whole array of probelms and concerns but in this case I am not only talking about the environment but also the relashionships we have amongst each other.

One straw it’s what it is…a straw.

Forgetting your tote bag is what it is…getting plastic ones.

The extinct blue macaw is what it is…a bird breed.

Sea ice in Antartica is what it is…climate change.

Why should we just settle that that is what it is and not do anything about it?

Carry tote bags, have an iron straw with you or drink from a reusable cup, drink water from your reusable water bottle, eat less meats, don’t litter. You don’t have to be there to help! you can do it from your house and your own lifestyle.

I think most people know what they are supposed to be doing but end up not putting in the effort because they ‘are just one more person so it doesn’t make much difference’.

If that’s the case then work with your community on it. Then you are not just ‘one more’.

Make yourself be the change you want to see in the world. Then, maybe we will have one to live it.

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