Rent, food, bachelor’s loan and council tax.

Don’t we love adulting.

Not everything is bad. I do love to have my own place but also loved my extended holidays and working on essays.

I miss those Wednesday’s off from middle school and anxiously waiting for the weekend. I loved those Saturdays in my grandmother’s house with my cousins.

Now I don’t have days off and there’s no one in my grandparent’s house.

What a difference three years make.

Let’s not dwell on it. The time passes and so do we and that’s just how life is.

I am excited to know how many friends I am going to keep in three years. I am excited to decorate yet another temporary house and think that I have way too many things.

I will miss these days for what they are. I have just come from an adventure and am now ready to go to another. It seems like yesterday that I was leaving my parents to go study in England with no idea of what was expected of me.

I didn’t know what I was going for and nor do I now.

In context, I have decided to take a Master’s degree and then last minute decided that it wasn’t what I actually wanted.

I am now going to truly experience adulthood.

I am scared and happy.


I didn’t realise how much I was ready to leave school. Part of me wanted to take a Master’s degree because I was afraid to go into the real world and the other part wanted to learn but won’t I be doing that now too?

I am excited. Excited to go to the job I studied so much for. Excited to have my money and pay my bills and everything else I wish to spend it on.

When I got the news that I didn’t have to take a Master’s degree I was relieved and at first I didn’t understand why but now I do. It’s about knowing when to stop and I guess I knew it in my core but didn’t want to admit it to myself because it was too scary.

Don’t be afraid to be ambicious. If it doesn’t scare you then it means that it isn’t challenging enough.

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