Things I’ve learnt with time

I’m going to be 22 this year, that’s no joke. The years have run past me and a lot has happened but also a lot has stayed.

A little of respect can go a long way

My second year was my initiation in living in another house, with people that I didn’t know. The experience revealed to be determined by respect. If you have respect for the people that you live with and they have respect for you then you’ve achieved peace in your household.

This also can be applied for work and social life. If you don’t set respect in your workplace it can truly become dawnting and lead you to burnout. Same happens with social life. Your life style depends so much on the people that you surround yourself with that if there isn’t respect then your relationships can be really toxic and instead of helping you they are just putting you down. Make people understand how you work best and what you like and don’t like. Establish how important communication is amongst each other.

Read the tiny letters and make questions

There are no stupid questions! That should be your motto from now on. If you didn’t understand then it’s not a stupid question. Specially when looking through contracts (of a new house or loan) look through everything on the contract before signing. Go through things multiple times with the company ‘So as I understood it…’ and maybe by your surprise they will actually say ‘no, it’s actually like this…’. It has happened to me so many times that I really had to learn from it. I was constantly getting ‘burnt’ for not asking questions on things that I really didn’t understand. Really put your lawyer hat on in these situations.

Ask for help if you need it

Embarassing, right? No…not at all!

If you need help at any stage of your life, just ask for it. If someone can’t help you then ring another one. Try to talk with the person you think to be more suitable and get it sorted. This goes to every aspect of your life. take a helping hand. We all have to live together so might as well make our stay as nicer as possible.

And also help people if you can! It’s a two-way street. Let’s be human with each other and make our lives better. A little goes a long way.

There’s no such thing as failure

For me a failure is an action that didn’t give you anything in return. However, is that even possible? Even if this don’t go the way I planned…I will always learn something from it.

We have to learn to know and if you ‘failed’, at least now you know.

Never give up because you got let down by a ‘failure’. If you need a pep-talk please do leave me a comment bellow and I’ll answer to you as soon as I can.

If it was you writing this blog post what would be some of the things to put on this list? Let’s share some knowledge.

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