Thoughts behind straws

Bamboo, paper, metal or plastic?

So many options and the discussion I bring is… should there even be an option?

I always say no to plastic straws if I can avoid, if I can’t, I save them so that I know they won’t go to the oceans. However, many stablishments are already bringing the option of paper straws. They can be found from McDonalds to the fanciest place in one of your cocktails.

I am happy that this change was implemented although I see that places such as Subway still prefer their bright yellow straws.

As it is an international concern, it is to be thought that they would be implemented all over the world. That’s not what I saw in Portugal.

Going to McDonalds in the UK they always assume that you want a straw and will always put it on your tray. These are paper though.

In Portugal I was surprised to see that although they don’t assume you want a straw, the option you have it only the plastic one.

The campaign chosen in Portugal was to continue with the colourful straws but bring awareness on their impact as you see multiple posters saying ‘go plastic free, don’t ask for a straw’. However, I think these two scenarios should come together. In my opinion we should be only given the paper option whilst making the campaign to go straw-free.

Stating that you should ditch the plastic straws whilst offering them is not a good campaign. Most people don’t really care for it because ‘I’m just one person, others can do that’. Most people will look at the menu and make their order without looking at the straws are made of.

That’s just how it is. People are getting more conscious but companies should also help consumers make the right choices.

I mean…it’s a win-win. Consumers love company transparency and CSR commitments and we get to live longer with oceans filled of fish instead of plastic.

Another factor to think about is that even though the switch to paper straws might have been seen as something very effective and ‘good’, it is said that these can’t be recycled like the plastic ones could.

As you can see people are not very happy about this.

This takes the whole purpose of switching to paper away. Can we have an option that is recyclable and not plastic? Is that too much to ask?

What is your opinion on this matter? Is it the company’s responsibility to offer viable products or the consumer’s resposibility to look further and research?

Have a look at these links to know more.

How true is this when we still have them in my city and the ones surrounding them?

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