Lost interest in reading

Sad, but true. I have a good/bad habit of buying books because they look interesting and then leaving them on my shelf.

I lose myself in book sales, knowing very well that I won’t read any.

I love the idea of me reading. I used to love it so there’s a part of me that hopes that I will eventually read it. However, the truth is…I haven’t read a book in about two years. Course research doesn’t count, I am talking about reading for pleasure in this case.

I also thought about this subject from another perspective…

I love writing but I don’t enjoy reading right? Isn’t that like a person that enjoys speaking a lot but not listening? It’s rather unfair that I like to talk more than listen in this case.

People that write want to be read. Just like when I hear I also want to speak. Usually.

We also have so much to learn from each other.

Reading improves your writing and makes you discover your style. Practice does make perfect but the practice is a combination of things. Things you discover from your mistakes and someone else’s mistakes. You have to learn about what not to do first, to get it right.

I try. I try to pick up a book and read but all I get is a blurred vision followed by procrastination. I am in denial about my bad vision but I also get distracted very easily. Even if I am thoroughly enjoying the book, I will get distracted by anything.

An example of that is the last book I tried to read. I bought it before going to England (three years ago), it was written by my favourite author ‘George Orwell’ and it’s one of the most read and talked about books of all time. ‘1984’ is a beautiful read that I was really enjoying. The character development and the utopia created by George Orwell is amazing. His books have everything from fantasy inspired by reality to romance written with metaphors.

I am always finding myself trying to read the book and then leaving it. Not because it doesn’t amuse me but because my vision becomes blurry (even with glasses) and I start yawning.

As I said…it’s sad and frustrating too may I had.

I will continue to try. Hopefully one day something will ‘click’ for me and my love for reading will come back. Fingers crossed!

Has this happened to you? Do you have any advice for me and others that might go through the same?

I think my brain has become bored of paper as it is surrounded by so much technology. I feel as if I am not alone in this matter. As we get more and more involved with phones, tablets and computers the unlightened yellowy pages lose its grace.

2 thoughts on “Lost interest in reading

  1. Maybe you could try using a coloured piece of translucent plastic to help? I sometimes find the black and white to be too harsh on my eyes when reading too and have heard certain colours help almost ‘stabilise’ the words and prevent blurring

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