I am back?

I guess my break is over. I have completed my dissertation and graduated! There are no more reasons to why I shouldn’t be writing here again.

Those two months I was writing here everyday were pretty fun and I actually didn’t feel much pressure as I already write on my diary almost everyday. However, this also means that I’ve been writing almost three times a day (or even better, writing for three different projects). Seeing it on this perspective does make me think that it is a bit pressuring to put out so much content everyday.

I love writing and I’m still on my summer break so I have plenty of time but I would still like to have some kind of rest as I am going to persue a challenging Masters starting September.

I will be writing here more often but not everyday. This is what I meant with my explanation.

I have a lot of content in mind that leaves me excited about starting though! I hope you are as excited as me and I would love for you to follow and comment on my upcoming blog posts!

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