Karate kid triology | View review

Can you believe I watched these for the first time two days ago?

Part of my ‘new year’s resolutions’ was to watch more movies instead of always starting new series. I am fulfilling that one! I have quit my job two weeks ago and oh me oh my have I watched a lot of movies.

I have been watching almost 3/4 movies a day. Obsessive? Completely. I’m such a nerd.

Karate Kid is awesome, a classic. But as a whole I can see the decrease in quality throughout the movies (and so does IMBD).

The first movie is amazing. It’s intriguing and brings you the wisest advice in life and kara-te. It also brings me ‘Back to the future’ (my favourite triology) vibes which is always a plus. I mean…think about it, a kid, a master, a girl he likes, a passion and conflict they have to solve. Doesn’t that scream ’80’s movie’?

The second movie is more on the ‘master’s’ (Mr. Miyagi) life and his roots in China. The story patern is the same but I liked Mr. Miyagi so such that I really enjoyed knowing him a bit better. It was also very fun and educational. I love learning new cultures and costumes, and even if those were made up, the value and importance of culture transmitted through the movie wasn’t.

The third, although it being after the visit to China, it was a continuation on the mess left on the first movie. This was the worst movie but I would still recommend it. It was rather unecessary but I guess they wanted to finish the triology. So they did.

I really liked these movies and I learnt a lot about attitude and values. Family values, culture and friendship. Mr. Miyagi became my senpai and I shall now be called Nicole-San.

Also, writing this post whilst listening to ‘You’re the best’ is truly empowering. Must appreciate.

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