Why I have never watched Game Of Thrones

First and foremost, I appologise. I know this series is the holy grail to a lot of people and I would hate for this post to be interpreted for something other than just Nicole making a pointless list.

One. I am actually lying, I saw four episodes. Does that count as clickbait?

All I remember is that the guy died and the other tiny dude saw something he shouldn’t and then died. Well, for someone that gets too invested in main characters and storylines, this series is not only confusing but also painful as they kill everyone you like.

Two. Each episode is a movie.

I mean I have watched the whole of ‘South Park’ just for fun (283 episodes) but they were only 20 minuted each so I didn’t feel the pressure. I like to watch big movies but is it really necessary? That much time? Does every episode have enriching content?

Three. It’s not a ‘watch on the go’ series.

I would have to be 100% there. If I would miss one minute I know I wouldn’t understand half the season. Also, it’s a bit weird to be on a bus or train and spontaneous naked people are seen on my screen. I would feel watched all the time.

Four. Let’s look at it on the bright side. It’s unpredictable.

I guess this would be a half-full, half-empty kind of situation. Honestly, this is the factor that makes me want to watch the series this summer. There is so much entertainment out there these days that to have a series that gets you to say ‘was not expecting that’ so many times…it can be considered precious. The ‘half-empty’ side is more like ‘1/4 empty’…as I said I get too invested in characters and I would like not to have them killed.

Five. It’s a trend.

This does not undermine the quality of the series and its content but it does affect me. Memes, spoilers, spoiler-free content, merch, DVD’s and stuff no one will buy…Primark’s collection everytime I go into the store… it’s a bit much. A big consumist machine that gives you all you want in every colour you can get. Can’t even believe in the profit this is making. I am jealous.

Six. Another plus, the community.

I guess this is the other side of it being popular. The community. Friends that gather around to watch every episode and borrow each others tissues and napkins. Every loss and war won is felt by these communities united by a made up world. Beautiful really. Also one of the reasons to why I want to watch it in the summer but I might be too late?

Anyways, all of this to say that I know how everyone feels right now. Like I feel when I am reading a very good book or finishing any great series. ‘What will I do with my life now’, ‘How can I live’, ‘How did it end this way’. I have asked all of those questions many times myself. You will be okay. Just know that.

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