I am writing a book

The more write on here and on uni essays, the more I want to write my own book. I have talked about this several times in the past but an idea for a story or concept would never come to mind. It turns out that I am a bit slow when producing my own projects because I don’t have a deadline to meet.

With this I realised that deadlines might be scary but I need them to set out an end line. A target.

However, last year I joined the ‘Quill society’ at my uni and they had a contest running. We had to create a short story with two chapters and theme of choice. The winner would get their story published in the uni’s magazine.

I was very excited let me tell ya.

However, the society wasn’t very popular and this contest didn’t win over a lot of participants…actually, I would be the only one. Because of deadlines, people started dropping out and I was the last one standing.

They kept putting the deadline forward to give them time, I would continue to perfect my story… but that didn’t help.

I was ready to send them my two chapters when they cancelled the contest. And now this story that had become my ‘baby’ was never going to be released. The worst of all was that I loved it and was so proud of it that I just wanted people to read it.

It’s a fiction novel with a mom of a 3-year-old daughter. A story about bubbles. That’s my teaser.

It was actually inspired in my favourite blog post I’ve ever written ‘Bubbles, a portal to childhood’.

The chapters were magical and mysterious and also ‘collecting dust’ on my hard drive for a year…so I decided to continue it.

It was too precious to let go and I’ve always wanted to write a book.

After I finished writing my dissertation this year, the thought of writing a book seemed less daunting. I did 10.000 words so 200 pages is easy peasy, right?

We shall find out.

Everything is under development. It may take years but it will get done to perfection.

As anyone here ever written a book or has any tips? I would love some advice and motivation for this project. It will be my biggest one so far.

Can’t wait.

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