Procastination is mental health

Hey! I have deserted my blog for a while but now I back! Have you missed me?

I had to leave because I genuinly didn’t have the time… but I submitted my dissertation yesterday and now here I am. A free woman at last!

To celebrate, I wanted to post this in awareness that not all procastination is lazyness!

When making such a big project such as dissertation mental health is a priority as it should always be. I wanted to start early when doing this project to avoid stresses and it ended up working in my favour as I could procastinate a lot more.

I would literally stop writing and go for a walk or play a game when I needed to do work and it felt so bad but so good. My body wasn’t happy with all of the hours I would spend in front of a computer, so even if it meant that I had to take more breaks…so be it!

I ended up keeping my sanity and still having the energy to continue with more projects without being ‘burnt out’.

Was it easy? No. I had a lot of moments where I would spiral into a bad place but I knew I would be okay and that it would be over soon.

It’s all about balance and knowing that you can make the deadline, then you have to figure out how much time you can chill and procastinate.

I truly believe that more people should be like me, impulsive. What I mean by this is that, if you can then…do it.

Can you go to the park right now and play badminton and still have time to finish the project on time? Do it.

Can you go for dinner and movie even if you have a deadline on Friday? If you can make it…DO IT.

The secret is procatinating whilst doing it but don’t leave everything to the last minute!

I literally would shut the computer right away and start dancing on my own in my bedroom just to get energy back in my body. I was working for so many hours straight that when I would stand up my legs would lose circulation and become numb. Dancing would give me a good feeling and make me work much faster and happier.

Never forget about the importance of mental health! Know your priorities! You are the only one that can spare you from stress.

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