A star is born | View review

I watched it yesterday. I didn’t plan for this to happen but I guess it eventually had to.

I am very behind on this but to be honest I didn’t plan to watch the movie at all.

I didn’t want to live the hype. I had the songs in my head and know them by heart but wouldn’t watch the movie for anything. The concept was not appealing to me and I wasn’t very interested to watch Lady Gaga although I do recognise her talent.

Innocently, I told my friends that I would draw while they would be watching it and that’s what I did. Then, I realised that I was multi-tasking and was actually watching it with them.

There’s an obvious try of caracter development to provoke emotion on the viewer. I didn’t feel it. The unexpected ending didn’t make me feel sad or enraged. The musics however, those made me feel all the feels.

I believe that if the music would have been mediocre this movie would have been one more on the shelf.

Lady Gaga is so talented, her voice and acting is amazing. Bradley Cooper is great too although I didn’t feel a connection to his character. The movie lacked uniqueness.

The storyboard was too straightforward was surprise-less.

A woman that comes from just having a passion in music and singing to big stages with her unpredictable husband. Truly can’t think of anything else.

I appreciated the lessons on PR though. As I want to become a PR professional, this was very helpful in that respect. Helpful on what not to do at least and how difficult the music industry can be.

Also, because today is International Women’s Day one thing that I truly loved on the movie was the perception on beauty. Talented people that are said that they are never going to make it because their nose is too big or their hair is brown. It’s sad because I’ve witnessed that on the music industry where an artist is only chosen for the looks and not the talent and the ones with talent are out aside.

Drag was also an amazing addition. Seeing Shangela and Willam on the big screen was amazing and made me feel proud of what we have achieved in societal growth and understanding different hobbies and personalities.

Lastly, I did expect much more after all of the buzz. But that’s the thing with trends. We put the movie on a pedestal and then we become extremely disappointed. That’s why most of the times I go to a movie theatre without expectations.

Still recommend everyone to watch it but would not watch it thinking it would be a masterpiece. Go watch with zero to no background knowledge.

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