When I moved to the UK I came with a medium cabin bag and a backpack, that was it.

Later, I received two boxes of stuff but I was in a very savvy mode and just bought the basics.

My first year I mostly had what I had brought with a mixture of Primark and Ikea as you do.

On my second year I decided that I wanted some pets so I got fish. My bedroom also started to have more stuff, stuff I didn’t need.

In need of a more de-cluttered room I motivated myself through documentaries and research to minimalise my room. I put everything out and chose what I wanted to send to Portugal and what I wanted to keep. I sent two big boxes worth of useless stuff. I still wonder today why I didn’t just donate or threw things in the bin. It’s not in my nature to do that. I feel guilty and sad for letting things go so sending it to Portugal was what felt best. However, now the clutter is there in my attic and not here. What is best?

I felt refreshed and it felt good to make the selection. Honestly I don’t even know what is in those boxes…that’s how irrelevant it is.

In April, I decided I wanted an hamster because I needed an animal to pet and keep company and so I got Kiwi.

I got way too carried away with having an hamster and have a drawer full of his things and the cage tower occupies a lot of space. I also developed a special interest in paints and notebooks, stationary that is now in a box recently purchased.

In terms of clothing, I now only buy what I truly like and keep what I truly wear but other things started to creep up on me. For someone that wanted a fresh start with no clutter, I could have done better.

I love my bedroom and everything has its place. I can’t live in a space that wouldn’t be clean and tidy because it increases my stress levels and I start procrastinating a lot but I do recognise that I have too much.

Do you have a hard time letting go of useless stuff too? Share your experience, I would love to hear it.

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