Introverted extrovert

It’s rather worrying that some people say that I’m misterious and others say that I am weird, nice, random or fun.

I do have the notion that I’m different depending on the environment or the person I am with – as everyone is – but it’s just so contrasting.

As I’ve said on a blog post recently, I do have a huge personality change when at work and at uni. At work I find myself to be very shy and kept to myself and at uni I’m the Hermione that just wants to talk and come up with ideas. So weird.

Let’s talk about shyness.

I do believe it’s a matter of comfort. I am an introvert and extrovert so we really can’t evaluate it on that side but shyness does depend on the situation.

If I’m with a new group of people I’m going to be shy however, if I’m at a networking event I won’t – I always try to talk with everyone and have a good time. If I don’t trust someone I will also have my inhibitions. If it’s an activity that I’m not comfortable with then I’ll be awkward – like a spontaneous sing-along (although I do that at home everyday).

Some people respect that, others take that as an advantage. If I don’t say that I’m unhappy with that on the spot it doesn’t mean that I’m not internally screaming. Honestly, if you take my shyness as an advantage my inner extroversion will come out and say that that is not okay.

It’s very weird that I have those both polos. I can be fun and outgoing or the most awkward person you’ve ever met. There’s no in between.

I apologise for this ‘all over the place’ blog post but recently, my hands have been full and so have my thoughts. It will take me a while to put them all together and alphabetically order them ☺️

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