Everyday is the same

In my theory if you have a car this is not true, only if you are unhappy.

In Portugal my days were very similar but never the same, specially during the weekend. We would go to the beach and eat some ice cream, just go to the mall, eat out or cinema.

In the UK this doesn’t happen. Everyday is different but also the same. What I mean by this is that everyday I hangout the same way and with the same people, in the same 15 minute walk ratio, in the same buildings and in the same weather. Sometimes the sun comes through and you feel a little more alive but that is it.

Not everyone experiences this but I’ve been here for two and a half years and I haven’t had a weekend. I go to the park sometimes but I hope one day I can just wake up and plan a day out and just take a train and go.

Not having a car is also so bad for me. I love my car so much and I miss driving! Even if just going in circles…it would make such a difference! Hope that one day I get one.

I was so desperate that I’ve been seeing electric scooters but I don’t think I’ll actually go and buy one.

Back in the summer of two years ago I used to have the weirdest deja vu of going to sleep and turning on the lights at the clothing shop I worked for. I was getting so tired. Everyday was literally the same.

I don’t work there anymore but I still get this feeling sometimes. I don’t enjoy routine that much. Only on the spots of where to put stuff away, like my keys that have to be at the same spot every time or I freak out – I’m such an adult.

They say routine is healthy but I guess I didn’t have that experience.

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