How I gave him a box but he wanted freedom

This is a post about my hamster.

Animals teach us so much and it’s crazy when I think about it.

I have always thought of expanding Kiwi’s cage from the moment I got it. Started with a small plastic box, then got a bigger one and put the smaller one on top and now I have two big ones.

Some might say I’m crazy but what is crazy for me is that Kiwi is spending his life in there so it better be cozy and clean. I want him to feel boredom free and happy.

Cages are so bad as they are, these boxes were 6£ and they make all of the difference in the world for him. It’s as if I was given a room and then I got a house.

However, you can’t just let him be and trust he will be happy just with this.

Love is essential. Taking him out is essential. Playing with him and showing that I care is essential.

Kiwi is always trying to run away. I don’t think he’ll ever stop and I even think that it’s healthy that he wants to do that and doesn’t conform. Like I said previously, who wants to be in a house/cage 24/7?

I would put him in an harness if I could. People would stare at me like a maniac but I would be okay with that. However, please don’t. They are not made for that.

I sometimes take him outside on my lap. He enjoys the air and I like that he gets those little moments.

For most he is ‘just an hamster’ for me he is a creature that deserves as much as love as any. Small or big, he is an amazing friend and I will do everything in my power to see him comfortable.

They live such a short life. Why wouldn’t you provide the best?

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