I don’t enjoy eating anymore?

What a statement.

I wanted to begin by saying that I love having an ice cream or even a salad, I truly enjoy it. However, I find myself not eating much anymore because I’m not enjoying it.

I began being vegetarian in November of 2015. Wow four years.

In the beginning I loved it. I had a whole new world of food out there and I even bought a recipe book and was having fun. I had fun for a year. After that, everything started getting very repetitive and even if I wanted to go to a restaurant to change it up Portuguese restaurants usually don’t have a veggie option.

This was awful. I was always eating the same just because of the calories and not because I actually wanted to. I figured I could switch to vegan as I would have that exciting new world again but then, I noticed that the only foods I took pleasure in eating had milk.

I wasn’t going to take that from me. I value my cheese, milk, mayo, eggs too much. I wanted to become more sustainable and help but I didn’t feel motivated enough for the change.

As I came to the UK I got excited again. Restaurants have veggie options and even vegan! What a paradise. However, now I’ve been here for 2 years and I’m starting to feel the same I did before.

I spend a day with some cereal and milk in my stomach, sometimes some cookies. Something that I can get on the go. I love to cook but I don’t get motivated to do so anymore.

It’s so frustrating!

I can’t go back to eating meat because I feel really guilty and unhappy eating it. As I usually say “I like animals more than meat”. I would only back out if for health reasons but I don’t think that will happen.

Does anyone have any interesting and easy veggie recipes?

I realise this is a weird blog post but it’s something that has been getting on my ‘nerves’ recently.

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